Shall We Dance

Social Dances

We enjoy an occasional social dance in our Ballroom for all of our students, and for anyone else who wants to come along and dance the night away. Depending upon the time of year it is often a themed dance like; Christmas, Easter, or a special colour.

We do this for several reasons; Firstly we love to dance and secondly it’s a great chance for us to dress up and enjoy an evening together with our students friends and daughters. It is also a great chance for our students to come along and try out the new steps that they’ve learned in the classes. It provides them with the opportunity to meet other dancers and check out some of the more advanced steps that they might like to aspire to. This said it is not to scare them off. It is a very relaxed affair with some time for a shared supper and the chance for people to catch up and introduce themselves to each other. But most importantly it is designed so that everyone can have a fun night out.