Shall We Dance


Just a few words from our many past and present students.

M. Jones

I have had dance lessons before but nothing like what i found Andrew and Rhonda to offer at ‘Shall we Dance’ The lessons are really easy to understand, even for a complete novice, but yet still enough of a challenge for those who have danced before. I would recommend ‘Shall we Dance’ to everybody as not only is dancing great for you, but it also helps to boost your confidence and self – esteem and whilst they not only offer all these great benefits and more in an enjoyable and friendly environment, it is also a very professional and well established dance school.

I will definitely be continuing with Andrew and Rhonda for many years to come.

A. Fowler

I started dancing with a friend when we saw an advert in the local newspaper, thinking it might be fun for a term or two. Two and a half years later and I still love coming to lessons. The people at ‘Shall We Dance’ are wonderful, lessons are great fun and the Saturday night dances are the best. I don’t have a dance partner but I never feel out of place in the classes or at the dances. Andrew and Rhonda both help out dancing with the single people and occasionally there are other singles to match up with too.

I love dancing and ‘Shall We Dance’ has given me a great bunch of friends and a wondrful skill to use in the future.

A. Slater

My friend asked me to come as they were short a guy, I was reluctant at first but after one or two lessons I was really hooked. Andrew has a really clear way of explaining the steps even for someone who has two left feet. The only dancing I had done before was in night clubs. Now I am more than confident in the steps to the dances and also in leading them too. Its great being able to dance with people of all ages, the dances Andrew and Rhonda hold are a blast and a great night out. I am now looking forward to showing off my steps at an upcoming wedding.

Seriously if you want to impress some girls come to lessons at ‘Shall We Dance’