Shall We Dance

Dance Styles


The Waltz is a graceful dance where couples appear to be dancing on clouds. It is also the foundation for other dances like Foxtrot and Rumba.


This is a must learn dance as 80% of the music that is written today is foxtrot friendly. If you go out to a function where there is dancing, usually more than half the music played will be a foxtrot.


The first of the Latin dances that we teach. Rumba is a very passionate dance. Although the steps are small the feeling is big. During this dance you will have eyes only for your partner. It is very much a dance from the heart.


Another of the Latin dances, one of the most famous. Unlike the Rumba which uses little space, the Tango is a very fiery dance and uses a great deal of dance floor.


The third of the Latin dances. The Cha-Cha is the most flamboyant dance of the three and is a great chance to show off and have fun.


Single time jive can be danced to slow right through to fast Rock n’ Roll music. Lots of energy, lots of fun – from simple steps to quite complicated, everyone gets lots of enjoyment.